In this section, you'll discover frequently asked questions from family, friends, and recruiters. 


Q1: Are you currently employed? If yes, tell me about it, and have you ever worked from home or online before. If yes, when and what was the nature of the job?

A: I am currently employed at Hertz Global, where I've been working for almost a decade. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work from home for three years. During this period, my role involved a range of responsibilities, including spearheading rebranding initiatives. I was able to maintain a 99.9% completion rate for my tasks, demonstrating my efficiency and dedication. Working remotely allowed me to focus better on high-visibility projects, contributing significantly to enhancing my design skills. Recently, I have transitioned into a hybrid role following the company's new leadership directives, balancing both in-office and remote work.


Q2: How do you incorporate feedback into your designs? What’s a time you received hard criticism for your work?

A: When a project lands on our platform, my immediate focus is to identify its source, whether it's from corporate communications, the field, or a customer-facing campaign. Tailoring feedback strategies to suit the requester or designer is paramount. While meeting business briefs' needs is essential, I believe in infusing each project with a burst of creativity. I make it a point to highlight harmonized look and feel, emphasizing positives, all while leading with empathy, integrity, and authenticity. In the dynamic marketing industry, adaptability is key. Criticism is inevitable, yet my goal remains steadfast: to deliver the best possible output, unfazed by emotions. While criticism is rare for me, I welcome feedback and strive for excellence, understanding that launching brands and campaigns involves overcoming consistent roadblocks and adapting every step of the way.


Q3: Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?

A: In my creative process, I value structure but also enjoy exploring various avenues. This involves delving deeply into possibilities, sometimes resulting in thorough presentations or documentation to thoroughly explore ideas. I find satisfaction in uncovering the different directions a concept can take and how even small choices like color can impact a campaign.Throughout my career, I've consistently presented multiple design options, setting myself apart within our team. This approach has been a staple for almost a decade.

Moreover, I understand the importance of efficiency and adaptability in project management. Knowing when to streamline processes and when to dig deeper is crucial for delivering effective creative solutions, benefiting both my workflow and project success


Q4: What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

A: My admiration for brands like Nike and Mercedes-Benz stems from personal experiences and cultural perspectives. Growing up in a modest urban neighborhood, affording luxuries like Nike shoes was a rarity. However, a pivotal moment came when my mom surprised me with my first pair of Nikes, opening doors to stylish possibilities. When my mother spotted the chance at age 10 to bring us to a store and let us choose any pair we liked, she seized it, despite working at $75 per apartment space cleaning job. Nike's creative diversity resonated deeply with me, and campaigns like "Dream Crazier" featuring Serena Williams empowered me. 
Similarly, my family's history with Mercedes-Benz, rooted in my father's passion for automotive repair, highlights the brand's accessibility and resilience. Despite its reputation for high maintenance fees, my family's dedication to learning about the car exemplifies its enduring appeal. I appreciate how both Nike and Mercedes-Benz connect with people through their diverse approaches and innovative campaigns. As an immigrant, I've always aspired for more, and aligning with brands that embody versatility and inclusivity feels natural to me. I guess as an immigrant we always look in and want to luxuries that we see, we are always striving for more and that is why I think I make such a good and loyal employees. 


Q5: How do you meet tough deadlines? Tell me about a time you completed great work under pressure.

A: When faced with tight deadlines, I swiftly dive into action by opening Creative Cloud and organizing my files. Staying organized is paramount as unexpected situations may arise, necessitating seamless transitions between designers. I ensure my workspace is meticulously arranged, eliminating potential interruptions to my creative flow. Creating three drafts allows for quick iteration, facilitating prompt delivery of the final file. For larger projects, I release them in batches to avoid delays for the media teams. Operating under daily pressure, whether facing a 6-day turnaround or a mere 2-3 hours, I maintain a positive mindset, persevering through challenges with determination.


Q6: Tell me about your experience working remotely. What do you feel is important to make sure the work gets done efficiently?

A: Remote work has truly revitalized my life, granting me the flexibility I longed for after sacrificing it for many years. Negotiating the demands of corporate life can be challenging, especially amidst shifting goals and initiatives. When the pandemic forced our entire team into remote work, I found a silver lining. Despite our numbers dwindling from over a dozen designers to just three, including myself, my leader recognized the value of my work and allowed me to continue remotely for nearly two years after others returned to the office. This arrangement proved beneficial, as it eliminated distractions and enabled me to excel in my role, notably spearheading the successful launch of the 2022 Hertz Transparency branding. Managing all aspects of creative endeavors, from template and asset management to image libraries and go-to-market strategies, empowered me to oversee global campaigns with precision. Throughout the pandemic, I became the linchpin of the Hertz Global marketing team, relied upon for my dynamic design skills spanning digital spaces, print, video editing, and strategy. I always remained on top in our My Performance ratings throughout almost a decade at Hertz. 


Q7: How do you measure the success of your designs?

A: My goal is to craft designs that closely adhere to the project brief while injecting them with novel and inventive perspectives. To me, success isn't solely dependent on a design being chosen; rather, it's about the opportunity to manifest my creativity and vision. What truly matters is the emotional resonance a design elicits. In today's landscape, authenticity is paramount in cultivating brand recognition, and the ability to connect with audiences on a profound level is the ultimate gauge of success.


Q8: Do you have experience with startups?

Yes, absolutely! My journey with startups began when I joined Creative Services during its inception. I played a pivotal role in shaping the company's early stages, crafting training guides, conducting interviews, and spearheading employee onboarding and training initiatives. Not only did I contribute to building a talented team, but I also played a part in developing essential processes and implementing new platforms to enhance our operational efficiency. My experience with startups has equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in entrepreneurial ventures, making me well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of design and project management.


In Summary:

With a track record of successful remote work and a decade-long commitment to delivering innovative designs, I bring a unique blend of creativity, efficiency, and adaptability to the table. My ability to thrive in structured environments while exploring endless possibilities ensures that I can deliver high-quality results consistently. Moreover, my dedication to presenting multiple design options and understanding the importance of authentic brand connections makes me a valuable asset to a creative team.  
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